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Who We Are & What We Do

BlackHawk Paramotors USA has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of Powered Paragliding Equipment. This didn’t happen overnight. It took years of dedicated experts making the right decisions…

When Mike Robinson took over the company in 2006, he quickly realized (from an engineering standpoint) that many changes were necessary. Mike realized the potential the sport of Powered Paragliding could have – “An affordable alternative to conventional aircraft with no license required and unmatched safety features.”

Fueled with an undying passion for aviation, Mike set out to create “The Paramotor Dream Team.” He wanted to find others who shared his same dedication, motivation, and vision. He wanted to make Powered Paragliding accessible to EVERYONE. Not just the young, able, or wealthy. Mike wanted to see mothers flying along side their daughters, grandparents flying with their grandchildren, and to allow those with disabilities to realize their biggest dream: “To break the bonds of Earth and fly like a bird.”

“Nothing but the best” became BlackHawk’s mantra. We set out to find the BEST Pilots and carefully listened to their valuable input. We hired the BEST mechanics and engineers to ensure flawless craftsmanship on every level. Only the BEST and most experienced Instructors were sought out. We wanted our Instructors to be a shining example of our commitment to Pilot safety. In addition, we wanted our Marketing and Customer Support Staff to convey our slogan of “Quality & Performance Without The Hype” This was achieved by always providing realistic, down-to-earth, and honest information to the world.

It didn’t take long before people started to see the BlackHawk difference. Countless people were calling our office and saying “I wish I called you first… You have no idea how hard it was to get a simple answer to my question.” Or “I spent an hour on the phone with (brand x)… All I wanted was a price and all they did was tell me how horrible everyone else’s gear was!” The thing is – we DO know. All of us at BlackHawk remember what is was like to be a beginner. First discovering this sensational experience online or by seeing one, and how exciting it can be. We remember the frustrations of the research process many people experience. Our goal was to simply provide information about OUR gear, with integrity, and let the customer decide what they feel is best for them. This open-minded approach was the refreshing difference people were looking for. Additionally, we didn’t “up-sell” or try and get people to buy things they didn’t specifically need. For us, it’s all about the flying.

In addition to Treating people the right way, much of BlackHawk’s success comes down to simple economics… If we sell more than everyone else, our prices can be lower than everyone else (supply and demand). By being a domestic or US based manufacturer, we eliminated the import costs, dealer fees, and other unnecessary expenses that get passed down to the customer. Our Complete Paramotor Package Deals have always been, and will continue to be “the best value in the industry – period.” Additionally, we didn’t want our customers missing the beautiful flying season while waiting for a simple part to arrive from overseas. If someone needs a new propeller or part, it’s on it’s way!

Lastly, we wanted to ensure that the technology and craftsmanship of our products would surpass all other manufacturers. If we found something lighter, stronger, or most importantly SAFER out there, there would be no question – it was going on the BlackHawk. This included beautiful CNC’d engines for unmatched strength, double-reinforced cages in case a Pilot has a hard landing, absolute precision in tuning, and more. BlackHawk units represent the highest standards in manufacturing, down to the very last bolt.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little more about BlackHawk. We encourage you to see the BlackHawk difference yourself by giving one of our friendly experts a call today. We are here for you now, and will continue to be in the future. We understand this is a BIG decision for most people and want you to not only feel comfortable with your purchase, but also your skills as a Pilot. Fly safe and blue skies from the BlackHawk Paramotor Family.

Very special thanks to Matthew P. Hill of SceneStream Films for filming and producing this video. We encourage you to check out more of Matt’s amazing work by visiting http://www.SceneStreamFilms.com


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