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Paramotor & Powered Paragliding School Lake Wales Florida

Lake Wales Florida Powered Paragliding Training School



Paramotor Lessons Lake Wales Florida:

Powered Paragliding and Paramotor training in Lake Wales Florida! BlackHawk Paramotors USA has the largest Dealer network in the United States, making it easier to find a USPPA Certified Powered Paragliding School near you! Florida has become THE State for Powered Paragliding. With such a lengthy coastline, there are unlimited possibilities for Paramotor Flight. Lake Wales is centrally located in the beautiful State of Florida. BlackHawk’s Instructor “Ike” Higinio Morinigo-Gill is located in this area and has been involved in aviation his entire life. This well-rounded and experienced Pilot has trained hundreds of students throughout his career. If you live in Florida and are looking for the very best Paramotor School you can find, you just found it!

MORE ABOUT BLACKHAWK: BlackHawk Paramotors USA has been producing the safest, most powerful and reliable paramotors in the world since 1998. Out selling our competition over 10 to 1. Imagine the most exhilarating and accessible form of flight for about the cost of a dirt bike. An aircraft that can be stored in your car and assembled for flight in minutes. Launching from almost anywhere and once airborne enjoy the thrill of open flight. Paramotors cost less then $5 per hour to run, are lightweight, easier to take on holiday than a mountain bike and much more fun. Ownership is easy and learning to fly is quick, safe, inexpensive and truly exhilarating.


Paramotor Training & School in Lake Wales Florida:

BlackHawk Paramotors USA has the largest Dealer and Training Site Network in the United States.  To find a qualified Powered Paragliding School in Florida, please click HERE to contact us.

(305) 336-3974


To find out more details about Paramotor Training and Powered Paragliding Instruction – CLICK HERE



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