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Latest News From Florida Powered Paragliding

Lightest Paramotor in The Powered Paragliding Industry!

The NEW Kestrel Line of Powered Paragliding frames are a global hit! BlackHawk Paramotors USA has become the leader of innovation in the industry. Our team expert engineers and designers stay on top of any technological breakthroughs applying to the sport. The BlackHawk Kestrels are a shining example of just …

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Paragliding With The Velocity Elektra in Pacifica California!

Team BlackHawk Pilots tore up the sky in Pacifica California with the NEW Elektra Paraglider from Velocity Paragliders. Pacifica California has become a mecca for Paragliding Pilots around the world, and a frequently visited spot for Team BlackHawk Pilots. Motors were left behind on this trip, and perfect wind conditions …

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Powered Paragliding in West Africa For an Amazing Cause

Rex and Melissa Pemberton have done it again! Their uncanny ability to touch the lives of others has extended to Ghana, West Africa. Teaming up with the “Medicine On The Move” project, Rex’s RPMP Media has finished filming “The Calling,” an inspirational story following the Porter family of Ghana. This …

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BlackHawk Paramotor Seminar is a HIT at REI Sporting Goods!

Mike Robinson, the owner of BlackHawk Paramotors, was asked to return to REI Sporting Goods for another Powered Paragliding seminar. Everyone had a blast! It was amazing to see how many people preregistered online for this “introduction to Paramotors.” Mike Robinson of BlackHawk Paramotors said: “Any chance we get to …

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